Membrane Materials and Manufacturing

With the full support from the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology and UNSW, as well as the deep engagement of their membrane specialists, CTET has an extensive capacity ranging from innovative membrane material development and fabrication, to full-scale module design and process optimisation. Our membrane expertise extends from conventional membrane applications (MF, UF, and RO), to emerging processes including the treatment of high strength liquid waste and gas separation. Our team has demonstrated the ability to custom-design a wide variety of functional membrane materials and processes based on the requirements from clients. We have developed a series of high performance membranes for CO2 capture from concentrated industrial emission sources such as cement production, power station flue gas, biogas upgrading and natural gas sweetening.

CTET houses a wide range of mature and cutting edge technologies for the fabrication of membranes for traditional (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis) and novel (membrane distillation, pervaporation, gas separations) applications.

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