The combination of population growth and increasingly stringent effluent quality standards has prompted the need for increased wastewater treatment capacity via upgrades and/or expansion, as well as addressing effluent quality issues for existing wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, the governmental authorities, industries and consulting engineering firms are among those seeking innovative practices to “green” their operations while meeting the needs of the communities they serve. CTET leverages the support from researchers and scientists from UNSW, who have more than 30 years of experience in water purification and wastewater treatment technologies and comprehensive understanding of water and wastewater industry. Our specialized team therefore will help our clients to address new environmental challenges and develop cost-effective, long-term, sustainable solutions by offering customized consulting and training services.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Assessment

CTET provides municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant assessment services to existing plants. Our team will evaluate the plant performance through various site data collection and measurement and take care of trouble shooting of your plant. This will help clients operate the plant in the most cost effective and performance efficient and ensure that the treated effluent meets the Department of Environment's Standards at all times.

Training and Knowledge Transfer 

The CTET team has been working in the field of advanced environmental technologies (AOPs, UF/MF/MBR/RO and electrochemical methods) for years and is able to provide knowledge transfer services to our clients through a broad range of training, including short courses in state-of-the-art environmental technologies, process optimization and modelling, process operator training, and treatment plant operator training.