Digital Twins

CTET is working with UNSW EPICentre to build the digital twins of innovative water and  wastewater treatment technologies that are developed at CTET. CTET’s digital twins combine real-time operational data from working prototypes with computational simulations on the processes (coupling chemical kinetics with hydrodynamics in full-scale processes) and are present through virtual reality (VR)/ Augmented reality (AR) or other advanced visualisation platforms. 

CTET’s digital twins can help shorten the development time required for transforming a new product from lab and pilot scale to a full-scale operation. The combination of VR/AR with digital twins can provide an interactive experience for the technicians during training, operation and maintenance and troubleshooting of the water and wastewater treatment plants.

CTET is equipped with state-of-the-art visualisation facilities including a 3D projector with 7,000 lumens, WQXGA, DLP laser phosphor light source; a 4k interactive touch monitor, VR 360 cameras, VR platforms with tracking, head-mounted display (HMD) AR devices, depth tracking cameras for SLAM and 3D point-clouds capture and computer workstations for development and demonstrations. 

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