Innovative Technologies

CTET offers core technologies and services related to water treatment, resource recovery and environmental management and sustainability. CTET is supported by local staff as well as academics and researchers based at UNSW Sydney.

The key areas in which CTET is currently active are:

  • Smart design of next generation of membrane modules with low energy, low cost and low maintenance
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes that can destruct non-biodegradable and toxic organics 
  • Electrochemical processes for low energy brackish water desalination, removal of micropollutants, and resource recovery 
  • Contaminant migration and remediation of waste sites
  • Design of water and wastewater treatment processes, including
  1. Municipal wastewater recycling and reuse
  2. Treatment of industrial wastewater
  3. Desalination
  4. Recovery of resources from wastewaters
  5. Digitalisation of water and wastewater treatment processes