UNSW Sydney China Learning Centre

Bridging the Gap between Virtual and Physical Learning during COVID-19

In collaboration with the UNSW Centre for Transformational Environmental Technologies (CTET) located in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, UNSW Sydney will launch a Learning Centre to deliver a high-quality, blended learning experience for UNSW engineering students who are currently in China due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and on the cusp of completing their programs. While UNSW is providing online course delivery for all students, the Learning Centre will provide support to students in relation to their thesis and industrial training project coordination, including negotiation with local industries or research institutes for project topics, coordination with UNSW academic supervisors and local support over the duration of the research project or industrial training. 


About the Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is located on the campus of Hubei Polytechnic University (HPU) in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The on-campus student dormitory, canteen, and sports facilities make it an ideal place to live and study. The Learning Centre together will CTET, will provide a range of mentoring and pastoral services including: 

  • An option to undertake online lectures in English provided by UNSW academic staff together with peers in a physical theatre at the campus in Yixing (subject to Chinese public health guidelines on COVID-19)
  • Access to on-campus educational resources including lecture theatres, multimedia, seminar rooms, and library
  • Group learning activities in English for selected disciplines in a physical space facilitated by UNSW trained staff from CTET
  • Facilitation of industrial training and research projects with local industry and research institutes with joint supervision by a Sydney-based UNSW academic and CTET research staff member
  • Opportunities for attendance at research forums organised by CTET which provide access to scientific information as well as networking opportunities with industry (potential employers)


More information

For more detailed information about the Learning Centre, please check the FAQs here

Application for T3 2020 commencement will be closed at 11:59pm 3 September 2020.



For further information please email us.