Student Learning Centre - China

In 2020 UNSW Sydney launched its first China Learning Centre (CLC) at the Yixing Industrial Park for Environmental Science and Technology (ES&TP), where UNSW Centre for Transformational Environmental Technologies (CTET) is located, to support those students who cannot return to the campus in Sydney to continue their studies. While UNSW is providing online course delivery for all our students, wherever they are located, the completion of research projects and industry training for our offshore students who are unable to return to campus remains a challenge, and is particularly problematic for students in their final year.

Given the current pandemic prevention policy, the Australian border remains closed. Therefore, the CLC will continue to operate during T1 2021 (and possibly T2 2021) and offer support to current undergraduate and postgraduate students from the UNSW Faculty of Engineering.


Key Dates


Format Milestone

Wednesday 28 April 2021

WeChat article + EDM Invite for registration

Monday 10 May 2021

WeChat notification + EDM Reminder - call for registration

Wednesday 12 May 2021

WeChat notification Announcement - close registration

Tuesday 18 May 2021

WeChat notification Announcement - offers are sent out


Benefits to Students

Students will be supported through a range of mentoring and pastoral services including: 

  • An option to undertake online lectures in English provided by UNSW academic staff together with peers in a physical study room at CLC (subject to Chinese public health guidelines on COVID-19)
  • Access to educational resources from CLC including lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and study rooms
  • Group learning activities in English for selected disciplines in a physical space facilitated by UNSW trained staff from CTET
  • Facilitation of industrial training and research projects with local industry and research institutes with joint supervision by a Sydney-based UNSW academic and CTET research staff
  • Opportunities for attendance at research forums organised by CTET which provides access to scientific information as well as networking opportunities with industry (potential employers) 
  • Opportunities for interaction with special guests from Sydney 


More information

For more detailed information about the CLC in China, please check the Info Pack and Accommodation Info Pack posted at UNSW Engineering page


For Application

you can submit your application via the link - Apply Here 



For further information please email us.